Socialab is one of the few advertising agencies that offers structured education opportunities in the field. It does this in two forms:

It does that in these forms:

  1. Via a 2-month open course, the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing at ALBA Graduate Business School. The course is intensive and is open to anyone. You will find out more about it at ALBA’s website, on the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing page or you can check our the video below.
  2. Via a 4-month in-house education program at Socialab, which is aimed only to inexperienced young executives to follow a full-time 4-month educational course. You will find information about this on the right. The 4-month in-house education program allows those who are interested in advertising to receive the training they require in order to strengthen their CV so that they can achieve more in their career in advertising and digital marketing. This is a full-time educational program that requires commitment every day.

It is no secret that all agencies are looking for well-trained executives and Socialab is usually the first to propose that some of those who successfully complete these courses might have the opportunity be invited to work for Socialab afterwards. If not, those who successfully complete it are usually offered a job from within the market, since Socialab has trained more than 1,800 executives at Alba and more than 100 executives in-house.

To apply for the course at Alba, please visit their page to read information about the program.

To apply for in-house training, please send us an email at [email protected], saying that you would like more information about our trainee programs. Depending on our capacity, we will either reply right away or get back to you a little later on.


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