We believe that the most important asset of a company is its workforce. That’s why, at Socialab, we hand-pick professionals from all areas of the advertising field, to create a dynamic, multi-faceted and full service advertising agency, which specializes in digital marketing and stays up-to-date with ever-changing market needs.

Socialab opened its doors in 2009. At the beginning of our journey, we started experimenting (hence the lab part in our name) with social media, by launching viral campaigns to promote our own projects. Since then, we have completed countless projects in the whole range of digital marketing and advertising, not just on social media. It has been our consistent priority to deliver great results.

That’s when we got the idea about our brand-new identity. We ‘ve been working hard for quite some time, with amazing results that reflect back to our client base. This led to our present status of being a digital-first advertising agency, offering services above and below the line.

So, if you asked us now, who and what we are, the answer would be:

“Busy bees delivering honey –as in the sweetest rewards– to our clients”.

And this is exactly how we depict this symbolism in our logo, personifying the company as a busy bee, creating the desired buzz.

Our redefined corporate identity has a motto to suit: Creating Buzz, Delivering Results!

Our mission is to help promote brands and organizations, by managing their image and communication through all possible means of advertising including digital media platforms.

As a full-service agency, we offer a wide range of customized services in ATL, BTL, Digital, PR and Education.

Most importantly, though, we provide the one and only service every brand needs in order to make sure a venture into advertising is worth its while: 360° Strategy Management. That’s why we consult and teach. To maximize what advertising has to offer. To help you bring in the honey.


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